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Eurojob Denmark ApS name is being misused

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Dear customers and business partners,

We are currently experiencing that our name Eurojob Denmark ApS is being misused by individuals who contact people via WhatsApp or Indeed and pretend to be an employee of Eurojob Denmark ApS.

If you get inquiries via WhatsApp from Eurojob Denmark ApS from a foreign number and with the name, for example, Sandra, you must block the number.
Please find more info here - click.

Jobs available now

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Farm jobs in Denmark

Looking for a stable job, far from the madding crowd, feeding and taking care of animals? This job is for you, and could be for you for the rest of your life.
Apply now and get in contact with one of our colleagues.
Accommodation is provided at great prices - from 1.000 to 2.000 kr./ own bedroom - expenses inlcuded, no deposit, no advance payment.

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Butcher jobs in Denmark

Do you have min. 2-3-year experience in slaughtering pork? You can get a stable, well-paid job in Denmark.
Salary starts at 145,- kr. per hour in the first month, and 160,- kr. from the second month.
Housing and car can be provided if needed - average houserent of 3.000 kr./ own bedroom, expenses included, no deposit, no advance payment and a car rent of 900 kr./ person.

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Painter jobs in Denmark

Have you repaired and painted walls for min. 1-2 years and would like to continue in the industry? Apply now and start your job immediately or after your prior-notice period. Salary starts at 130,-kr. per hour.
Housing and car can be provided if needed - average houserent of 3.000 kr./ own bedroom, expenses included, no deposit, no advance payment and a car rent of 900 kr./ person.

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Welder jobs in Denmark

Well-paid jobs available for experienced welders. Experience most required: stainless steel, aluminum, MIG-MAG, TIG. If you have a min. of 2 - 3-year experience and look forward to new challanges, send a complete CV (with foto if possible) to
Housing and car can be provided if needed.

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Agriculture jobs in Denmark

Seasonal jobs available in agriculture - from sorting potatoes, harvesting broccoli and salad, to cutting and packing Christmas trees. A seasonal job is usually for a period from 1 to 3 months. Most of the times accommodation is provided in an accommodation container with 2-4 bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen - average house rent of 3.000 kr./ own bedroom, expenses included, no deposit, no advance payment.

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Plumber and sewer jobs in Denmark

In such a job you are supposed, most of the times, to work independently. It requires good knowledge of the stystem, skills to operate a mini digger, sometime using GPS, to be able to lay tiles and pavers, and to read a technical drawing. A BE driver's license is usualy mandatory. You need to speak English well and speaking Danish is a plus. Salary usually starts at 160-180 kr. per hour, depending on skills and experience.

We provide jobs in Denmark.

We are a Danish recruitment company, with a team with over 15 years of experience in the field.

We provide jobs in Denmark, we offer specific consultancy throughout the contract period and we make sure that all the details of the Employment Contract are respected.

We have a long-term relationship with both local employers and the people employed through us.

Farm jobs are the most stable and do not require any experience in the field. Other jobs in the slaughterhouse/ butchery, construction, assembly, restaurant, etc., require experience in the field - ie a Danish employer expects you to be able to work independently.

We like long-term collaborations.

We do not charge in advance for our services. And if you are already registered in Denmark, our services are FREE.

Before you start working with us, we will give you clear details about your job, about Denmark, and about working with us.

Depending on your job, our service package may include:

  • transport to Denmark, at your workplace,
  • registration with all authorities,
  • providing specific courses,
  • free advice throughout the contract,
  • as well as a new contract - if you do not want to continue at the same employer by the end of the contract.

Fill in the online CV and attend the interview.

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, all interviews take place online: Skype, Meet, Whatsapp, etc.

However, the first step is to fill in your online resume (click here). If you qualify, we will contact you and arrange an online interview.

If you pass, we will promote you for the desired job. Once you are selected, you will receive the employment contract by email and we will plan your arrival in Denmark together.
You can choose to take care of the transport and registrations yourself, or you can shoose us to take care of these.

We may take care of your transport and registration, if you'd like, and we provide you with advice throughout the contract. So that you can focus on succeeding in your new job!

About Eurojob Denmark ApS

We are a Danish-owned recruiting company with more than 15 years of experience. Eurojob Denmark ApS provides jobs in Denmark and other related services.

Eurojob Denmark - our team

Eurojob is a Danish-owned temp and recruitment agency that, over many years, has built up a large recruitment network throughout Europe.

We believe primarily in communication. We clearly present all the details of the collaboration and provide all the necessary information for the recruited staff to be successful both at work and in Danish society.

Eurojob Denmark has its main office in Skjern, Denmark, an office in Romania, and collaborates with different recruiting companies all over EU.

For our candidates we provide both recruitment services (free of charge) and other related services (surcharge), such as: transport and transport planning to Denmark (plane/ bus), consultancy for registration at SIRI/ emigration office, transport to SIRI/ emigration office, consultancy for registration at SKAT/ finance, accommodation and meals during the period of registration, renting a house or a personal car - depending on the job.