Because most of the people that come to Denmark are not used to the Danish system and culture, we decided to answer to some frequently asked questions about:

  • the tax system in Denmark
  • the Danish holiday system
  • about gross/ net salary in Denmark
  • about Eurojob Denmark services
  • about accommodation, meals, car
  • about the necessary registrations on arrival in Denmark
  • and about jobs in Denmark in general.

Read this information carefully and if you have any questions or concerns, contact us - by email at info@eurojobdk.com or by phone at +45 88448244.

Please note that only people who have obtained a job through us in Denmark receive free advice throughout the contract. If you have not been our client so far, fill out your CV HERE and maybe we can provide you your next job.

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Frequently asked questions and answers about Eurojob Denmark and Denmark

From the 1st of March 2021, there are no restrictions when entering Denmark. There are no restrictions when living here, too.

Eurojob Denmark provides the following types of jobs:

  • unskilled jobs - where no previous relevant experience is required, and
  • skilled jobs - where previous relevant experience of min. 2-3 years is required.

The only unskilled jobs are jobs on livestock or agricultural farms.

For the rest of the jobs, previous experience is required.

Farm jobs are among the only jobs we have for the unskilled - no previous experience is required.
If you have experience in a professional farm, then your salary may be higher (skilled salary).

  • the following can apply: men, women, and couples - apply HERE
  • you may expect physical work and a farm-specific smell
  • jobs on farms can be as follows:
    • in cow farms: you will most likely participate in 2 milkings a day, you will wash the milking room, you will take care and feed the calves, you will spread straw, you will clean the stables, you will administer treatments, you may learn to use different machines or tractors, and other activities that may occur on a farm; your schedule can start very early in the morning (4:30, for example), or late at night (24:00), and every second weekend.
    • in pig farms: you will work with sows and small piglets, or with large pigs for fattening (30-100kg); depending on the department, you can feed the animals, castrate, administer vaccines and other treatments, you can euthanize sick animals, you can pressure wash the stables, you can move pigs, or you can help in the field with different activities; you may learn to use different machines or tractors, or you can help with various repairs; your usual schedule will be from 7 to 15, and every third weekend.

The salary starts from 130 kr./hour, gross. After paying all taxes to the Danish state, netto salary shal be around € 1,900 per month, for a normal 160-hour program.

If you need accommodation, it can be provided by the employer - the price for rent plus utilities is on average 3,000 kr./ month (400 €).

For jobs in construction / slaughterhouse / hotel / restaurant / etc. previous experience of min. 2-3 years - apply HERE.

The following jobs are available in construction:

  • ceramic wall and floor tiles, linoleum, parquet, cement or epoxy floors
  • plaster, paint, wallpaper, dry walls
  • masonry, paving, cubic stone
  • carpentry, tile or tin roofs.

The following jobs are available in slaughterhouse:

  • slaughter/ butcher
  • carving/ deboning
  • packaging - limited job offers.

The following places are also available:

  • mini excavator - installing internet fiber
  • excavator - for sewerage systems.

Salaries vary between 150 kr./h and 180 kr./h (gross). That means a salary "in hand", after paying all taxes to the Danish state, somewhere between € 2,100 and € 2,500 per month, for a normal program of 160 hours.

If you need accommodation, it may be provided by your employer - the price of rent plus utilities is about 3,000 kr./ month (€ 400).
The employer may also insure a rented car - the rent is about € 200/ month. The car may also be used for personal purposes.

For every working month you get 2.08 vacation days - a total of 25 days annually. For these days, you get 12.5% every month in addition to your salary - and the money is accumulated in a separate account - feriekonto. You can apply for you holiday money every month for the previous month, or whenever you want, but no later the December following year - for example: you can apply for the holiday money accumulated in the period September 2020 - August 2021 - at least by December 2021.

For more information, check this link, or, you can apply for the your holiday money here.

In Denmark, the salary is always gross (before taxes). The net salary (cash in hand) depends on the taxes you pay.

In Denmark, each person benefits from an individual tax deduction. This tax deduction is called fradrag and can have different values, but is on average at 5,500 kroner per month.

The net salary is calculated by deducting from the gross the following: 8% for the labor market, the pension contribution (approx. 100 kroner), the fradrag, and then the local taxes - on average somewhere at 38%, after which the fradrag is added back and the net salary results. In total, the taxes are in the first year, around 27-30%, and from the second year 33-35%. You can find a calculator on SKAT website HERE, where the "trækprocent" is 38.

In the first year, if you come from an EU member state, you can, in some cases, benefit from deductions for meals, accommodation and transport to Denmark. So in the first year, your fradrag may be higher than usual - but SKAT is the authority that decides if you are entitled to deductions.

You can get deductions if, for example, you have more than 24 kilometers to work, or if you are a single parent for your children, or if you are registered with the union, or if you have loans - you can get a deduction for paying interest on credit - more a lot of information here (click).

Here are some examples of gross salary vs. net salary in Denmark (for the calculation of taxes we considered a fradrag of 5,500 kr. per month and full time of 160 hours):

Salary per hour Gross salary per month Net salary per month
130 kr. 20,800 kr. ~ 14.200 kr. (~ 1.900€)
140 kr. 22,400 kr. ~ 15.100 kr. (~ 2.040€)
150 kr. 24,000 kr. ~ 16.100 kr. (~ 2.150€)
160 kr. 25,600 kr. ~ 17.000 kr. (~ 2.290€)
170 kr. 27,200 kr. ~ 17.900 kr. (~ 2.400€)
180 kr. 28,800 kr. ~ 18.800 kr. (~ 2.540€)
190 kr. 30.400 kr. ~ 19.800 kr. (~ 2.660€)
200 kr. 32.000 kr. ~ 20.700 kr. (~ 2.780€)

These calculations are approximate. SKAT is the authority that dictates the level of taxation of each person, more precisely the value of the monthly fradrag. These salaries are calculated for the full time of 37 hours per week and do not include any salary supplements dictated by the unions in the case of collective agreements - which in certain cases can reach 12-13% of the salary.

Most Danish employers do not provide accommodation; but there are exceptions - farmers generally provide accommodation, and its cost is on average 2,000-3,000 kroner per month for a room, with utilities included. The price is lower if the employer owns the property, and higher if he rents.

The same applies to cars - they are provided if expressly specified in the employment contract. There are employers who charge a fee per kilometer, if the car is used from time to time, or employers who charge a monthly fee - if the car is also used for personal gain. The monthly rent of a car that is used for personal gain can be around 3,000 kroner.

Regarding the meal - there are cases in which the employers provide a meal per day, for a certain amount paid monthly from the salary.

In Denmark nothing is free. If your employer provides you with a "free" car, or meal, or other benefits, then you must pay tax to SKAT for those benefits - see more here (click).

For its own employees (vikars), Eurojob Denmark can provide accommodation and car:

  • the price of accommodation is generally 4,000 kroner per month, and includes all utilities, and each employee has his own room
  • the price of car rental can vary between 2,000 kroner and 5,500 kroner per month, depending on how many people use the car. Fuel is not included in the rental price.

Although EU citizens have the right to work in Denmark, registration at the Emigration Office, Tax Office, and City Hall is mandatory for all people who want to work here.

Eurojob Denmark ApS provides, for a fee, consulting services for:

  • registration, including completion of documents and transport to the Emigration Office
  • registration at Tax Office
  • registration at the City Hall.

Send us an email to info@eurojobdk.com or contact our office at +45 88448244.

Each person is obliged to register at the territorial unit (kommune) to which he belongs, in order to receive the yellow health card and the NemID. You must book an appointment online or by phone.

Eurojob Denmark can provide consulting services in this regard - you can send us an email to info@eurojobdk.com or contact our office at +45 88448244.

It is recommended that each employee have a Danish bank account in order to receive the salary. There are employers who can transfer the salary to a foreign account, but there are also employers who do not have this option. Therefore, most employers will give a cash advance, until a Danish bank account is obtained.

Here are some Danish banks with physical headquarters:

And virtual banks:

Eurojob Denmark can provide consulting services in this regard - you can send us an email to info@eurojobdk.com or contact our office at +45 88448244.

  • Depending on the method of employment, Eurojob Denmark may provide some services free of charge and others for a fee
  • Recruitment services are always free for absolutely anyone
  • Consulting services are free only for Eurojob Denmark customers
  • Transport, accommodation, meals, registration services are always for a fee - unless otherwise specified in the Collaboration Agreement
  • Eurojob Denmark services are payable from salary, at the end of the month, and never in advance.
  • Travel to Denmark can be made by plane or car, on your own or as part of Eurojob Denmark services
  • For Eurojob Denmark customers we can provide transport services to Denmark (for a fee) through our collaborators - COMATI PSG.